Hey guys, recently I've been noticing that I'm always getting little tidbits of lyrical ideas when I'm doing things (school, work, all that crap) and often have a hard time remembering what they were by the time I get to a point where I'm ready to process. So I've started an "Idea Book". There's a rule for my Idea book, though. If I think about the idea for a minute or so, and the thought of writing it down comes to mind, I HAVE to write it down. These Ideas aren't necessarily linear or in any way formed, just little things that come to mind, when two things in your brain mix and there's a little left over from what occurred.

I Don't plan on sharing much of this book any time soon (unless I'm using some of it for songs etc), but I'll give you guys an Idea of what comes to mind, maybe this could help some of you who have a wandering mind and no means to project it onto some sort of screen to be tamed.

Things Like:

"Orange is the best flavour. They named a colour after it."

"I have an affinity to stay behind closed doors; even if the house is empty, I still can't stand to have the door open. Agoraphobia? Who knows."

"But why is my calculator in the drawer?

and various other brainpickin's.

Feel free to use this thread as a book, to vent little things that you might need to store somewhere while your brain processes something else!

Hope I could help someone!