Just had a quick question about Strats.

So far, the Highway 1 models (at least to my knowledge) had only 1 visible difference between the standard Strat models: the "Stratocaster" text on the headstock.

Looking online, I saw a Strat described as a "Highway 1" that looked like the standard Strat.

Anyone know how I can ID one? Also, what are the differences between a Highway 1 and a typical MIA Strat?

satin finish
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satin finish

Is that true for all years of Highway 1 Strats?
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satin finish

This. Dead giveaway. The thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish (that lets the bodies natural tone shine through! apparently) is arguably one of the main attractions in the Highway One's, and definately the easiest to spot.

You should be able to see the grain.
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Satin finishes are very common on Highway Ones, and the headstock is bigger, i think they call it the 70s styled headstock. Oh, and the script on the headstock is different.

This is the standard Strat headstock,

And this is the Highway One style,

Also, most Standards are very new looking, the white bits are very white, the maple has little or no aged look. Highway One's have a bit darker pickguards, and the maple looks older.
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