I was just thinking the other day about death, mainly in the context of loved ones dying. Everybody gets old and dies. Everybody will have to see their parents - or other people that they were close to growing up - die. It's a part of life. But at the same time, it is horrible and it does cause lots of grief for those involved.

Relate to the Pit your experiences in this area. A lot of people here probably haven't confronted it yet.

I had to deal with my Grandma dieing when I was (I think) 14. My brother and I were really close to her, more so than most people are with their grandparents. We saw her a few times a week at least. She got cancer, but before that killed her (but well into chemotherapy) she suffered a stroke which changed her drastically. Then she had another that killed her. Because I was younger, I don't think it really effected me as much as others. Of course I was really sad and the whole thing sucked, but my mom was definitely hit harder by it. Looking back, it could have been a lot worse, like if it had happened a bit later in life when I really would have perceived the entirety of what was going on.

tl;dr Tell the Pit of times when you have had to deal with the death of someone really close to you.
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Hmm, my granny died of cancer a few years ago. Wasn't really close to her, so yea.
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I lost a cousin when I was 13. My cousin was only 3-4 months old. Never seen my uncle cry. Never want to see him cry again. Too sad. It was his first kid too. I haven't seen him or my aunt since then. They moved to Chicago and now they have a little girl.
this threads too sad :\
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this threads too sad :\

Like I said, it's a part of life. It may be sad, but it literally happens to everyone of us.
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My great-grandad is 98 or 99 and he recently found out he has cancer, and a hernia on top of that, so we don't know if he'll live more than a few days. I haven't really thought about it to heavily, but it feels strange to hink that in a few days he might be dead.
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Aunt died about a year and a half ago. We were real close so it took me awhile to grasp the concept of never seeing her again.
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I don't find it sad, especially when the person who dies dies of an illness. Personally, I believe dying is better than suffering. Like my grandpa died of internal bleeding, I figure he's better off. I deal with it using a playlist I made on my iPod.
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My brother was killed back in May, in tragic circumstances, and that's the most amount of pain I've ever been in in my life. He was 22 and the nicest guy ever, so he didn't deserve it, and it was completely out of the blue so I'm still in shock.

For the first few weeks I couldn't talk about it, until my mum kinda forced it outta me. But it hasn't got easier, 'cause it's like I haven't been able to grieve, 'cause there's been a court case surrounding it and the verdict is next month.

But yeah. Very painful, I feel hollow.
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My grandma of 89 died last year, and it still feels like she's around a lot. I can still see her in her chair at her house, and getting up to open the door for me. My brother got it worst though, because he was there when she died.

Death is inevitable, but it always seems so surreal and shocking. The song "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips is the perfect song to cope with death. So beautiful and alarming at the same, and also bringing the message across to show your love to people when they're still around and enjoy our small lives.
When i was 10, my uncle mike, which was the closest person to me at that time (i had some issues with my parents around that time) died... it took me a while to "get over it" but i still can't talk about it without feeling the need to cry

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I lost a cousin when I was 13. My cousin was only 3-4 months old. Never seen my uncle cry. Never want to see him cry again. Too sad. It was his first kid too. I haven't seen him or my aunt since then. They moved to Chicago and now they have a little girl.

that happened with my uncle, i remember there was a call, i answered and it was another uncle, with a really weird voice looking for my dad to give him the bad news, so i put my dad on the phone and almost inmediatly my dad starts crying and hugs me... at that moment i was in complete ignorance, a few hours after that my mom told what was happening...

my parents didn't take me to the funeral, and now that i think about it, i've cried or talked openly about it... it's just weird
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dealt with the death of my grandad ooh... 2 years ago.

Sucked really hard. I got dragged out of my physics lesson (had a week to go before the first yr 10 module exam) by the deputy head of the school. We missed him dieing by 10 minutes due to having to drive to his house. And at the minute he died, one of my friends, who'd lost her grandma to cancer (what my grandad died of) came over and made me laugh. At the moment he died.

I'll never forget his face (dead that is) stuck in my mind. You can guess that I didn't sleep that night. Corpses don't exactly have friendly faces.

In terms of dealing with death. Well... it took me maybe a couple of weeks to kinda realise what happened, and then another couple of weeks to accept it. But... I guess we weren't like really really really really close. It hit my dad really hard though. And my mum (because she's emotional and womanly).

I must be cursed or something though... cos I seem to be around when people die. I was at my ex-gfs a year ago when her gran died. Luckily her parents didn't make her go and see the body, so I got to stick around ... but srsly ouch.
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Grandpa died in '99, I was 12 at the time so it didn't hit me that hard. I was coming home from school with a friend and saw my mom at the parking lot, she told me what happened and I just though "sh*t.. :/". Cried a bit at the funeral. We weren't that close, he was like 80 or something, cranky old dude.

Two nights ago my 85 year old grandma had a heatstroke in the sauna, my dad is a volunteer firefighter so he knows what to do in a case of emergency. He called the ambulance, and I could hear the panic in his voice, he thought she'd die right there in his arms. And I didn't know how to deal with it, so for some reason I thought "if she dies, she dies. it's gonna happen in a few years anyway". Then the medics came and after a while she was fine, went to the hospital to be monitored for a few days.
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Well my father passed a few years ago. I was only 15 when it happened so it was crazy. He died of cancer, so it's not as if it was sudden. He was diagnosed after he had some strange symptoms and then about four months later he was gone from my life forever.

The best thing to do about it if you can is to realize that death is an almost beautiful thing that makes the world continue. People need to die, and I was fortunate enough to get to say goodbye before my dad's time was up. I found religion and it really did help. It made me think of a life after this life and did bring me some peace in his death.

For someone whose close one died out of the blue, I would recommend the same as for if someone lost someone with warning: to take some time off and let the answers come to you as you think about mortality, life, and acceptance. I believe that my dad is okay, and I'm glad he's not in pain anymore.
At 69 my Grandma died of bone cancer. I didn't even know that she was passing away until it had actually happened. I remember getting picked up by some people who I didn't know and being really confused about it. They wouldn't tell me anything. When I got to my Dad's place everyone was crying and it just made me more confused because no one wanted to break the news to me... It's been years and I still miss her. She was the only grandparent that ever cared about me at all, and I barely even remember her.

At one time I had a friend who was like a brother to me. He was my first real friend, the kind you could count on through anything. About a week away from my birthday, through ****ing MSN of all things, I learned that he had been biking along the highway and was struck by a truck. I don't think I've ever cried more. I wasn't even aloud anywhere near the funeral because his parents didn't like me at all.

Finding out someone has passed is probably the worst feeling in the world, especially when they are close to you. It inevitable and I think in some ways it's a good thing to experience. You feel horrible, but in the end you learn that life moves on no matter what and not to take anything for granted.