Here's some unfinished metalcore thing which im working currently. I'm not huge metalcore fan, but decided to do this Tab isn't compelete yet. Bullet For My Valentine anyone?

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love bullets music but their lyrics are mind numbingly terrible.
i like the acoustic parts and the beginning distortion bits, the sound really sweet and beautiful, although i think it kinda goes downhill from there :/
Critting as I'm listening

Brave to start out with a bass like that! But I like it, it fits.

The strokes on bar 7 is a bit out of place, IMO it'd be better if they were gone, or at least faster

Bar 10-39 is good, I like the stops and the harmonies on the distorted guitars and the solo is nice

I'd like to see some kind of introduction to the fast part, not just stomping it away like that. maybe a drumroll/fill or something?

Nice riffs in bars 48-52, they're kickin

I can't come up with much to say about 53 to end, but it's good

overall it's a great piece, finish it and add some vocals and I'd be quite interested to hear it
Loved the creativity of the drums especially
You like it
Really great, 9-10 sounded kind of like a Bullet for my Valentine crossover (as if the band would have written it)! I think this was a great song!

There's a lot of work put into it and with that work you are awarded! 9.5/10
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Critting in parts:

Intro is cool , as said before I'd also cut bar 7 and tkae the strum to the last 2 eights in bar 6

Dist -Intro: like how you keep the acoustic guitar , bass seems to be a bit underdevelopped I think , you could start to add more base in here the solo is fitting but not very special

the transition is well done , the following hard riffs are good , like them , not much to criticise in here , don't really like the breaks in the following riff , maybe consider to keep the drums playin but let the rest stop?

all in all it's upper mid section , not really my kind of music which makes it a bit hard to criticise .. think of a nice outro , maybe an intro reprise
I'd rate it 8/10

C4C Identify please

Thanks in advance