Hey guys, I'm just starting a new band, just looking for some impression as to how people like our sound? It's kind of a technical deathcore? It's hard to really attach a genre.

I'll let you guys decide.

Good? Bad?


Song 2: had a little bit of a jazz craving in the writing process of this song.

Romeo Is Dead: Kinda just went on a random whim with this one, Tried to just let the song write itself...


removed for a while. sorry.

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Hmm... The song is pretty good but it sounds all the other deathcore bands around. The starting riff was pretty boring and general. Your problem is that all the riffs sounds like general deathcore band. There was nothing unique in this one.

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Quote by Hypetreme
Hmm... The song is pretty good but it sounds all the other deathcore bands around. The starting riff was pretty boring and general. Your problem is that all the riffs sounds like general deathcore band. There was nothing unique in this one.

I agree, the Intro riff is pretty basic and generic, I've been meaning to work on that part. I've got a couple more that I'll upload, they've got a little bit more of a progressive feel.

It remined me of battletoads music, which is epic
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yeah, the song 1 is a great hc. altough i miss the bass line
uhmm, way too much breakdown there i say...but at the solo it still have the deathcore feeling. good, worth to listen.

song2 - first impression : all that remains-the weak willed. great breakdown with the triplets, but im not sure it would be a good idea to stretch it this far.
22-53 just doesnt fits for me, i dont know, maybe its too light for the song. after this glitch, it is okay. the melodic part from 62 to 78 is the best. the transition from it to the triplets has a flaw.
overall, i liked it.
The first song's main riff may sound generic but I like it, it's catchy, and the harmonization works.

The think the breakdown is where it really sounds kinda flat, just too generic.

The solo is pretty cool. But repeated a little too much, just sounds like a melody.

I like the progression and choice of chords right after though, a little unconventional which is nice, and stays somewhat melodic.

The second main lead line is very very lacking. It just sounds annoying, and the chugga chugga in the background doesn't help.

Ok the riffs in 131 and on are alright. But the repetition is getting to me.
Id also say the song is longer than it really should be.

Overall id say about 5.5/10. Really work on interesting phrases and a little more varied instrumentation even if it's just guitars and drums. Creativity comes from those with very little to create.
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if you made this song like a few years ago it would be unique and great

but a lot of it sounded it had been done before especially the intro

the solo sounded great though i must add

Hey man. That was solid.

Song 1 was good. Very good, but as it's been said time and time again, the intro riff was very death/metalcore... almost like using that one punkish chord progression over and over again. It was good.

The drums are very nice in the whole bunch, I'll give you that. The guitar is very nice as well, but it gives me some impression like it's been heard before, which gives them a bland feeling.

overall, they are good, and creative, but normal deatchcore / metalcore. So... I'd say about 8/10. Work on making them more creative you know?

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I honesty I don't have much to say, but if you're going for technical deathcore the first two are nothing special, in fact they're far too generic. However, right more riff like those in romeo is dead and you'd have something going on (as long as you had a unique vocal list imo).

Of course how it is RID is too much of a mess of riffs you know. Escentially take the good bits from there (def. that 5/8 3/4 riff. I'm a fan of that one) and perhaps the jazz bit from song 2 (beef it up a bit of course) and make a couple of much more technical and much more successful songs (of course only to the standard you guys can play, )

Not a bad, try for new band stuff. I can tell by the third song, you'll find a better sound if you just let the music write itself as you put it. And what ever you do, please please please find/have/keep a decent and unique vocalist. I might buy something like this if I had something interesting going on vocally for sure. None of the generic deathcore rubbish.

ya hear?
First one is decent but very generic. I particularly liked the solo, but the breakdowns did become boring to be honest. Make them a bit more interesting just putting a few harmonics in there ior something would improve them.

I enjoyed the second one very much. The first riff was very deathcore-ish, and the verse riff was absolutely awesome. The part from bar 22 was a welcome change! Reminded me of Opeth to an extent.

Romeo Is Dead was also great. Had hints of Converge and Opeth in there, but still sounding like deathcore. Good effects. I would advise not so much chugging but that's not really a big complaint as most bands use it

Good work!
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I thought all your songs were fvcking ace!
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

thanks guys.

Sorry for the late reply, but I figured I'd say that I'm gonna take these down for a while, We've rewritten a lot of them and there have been some concerns on other sites so for now they're coming down. I'll post more when we have more full band input.

thanks a bunch for the positive input!