yet another which one thread
but bear with me

i just got a laney GH120 head with a LV 412 A cab and the overdrive settings are alright for moderately heavy but im looking for a more lamb of god sound ie really heavy overdrive/distortion sound that lets what im playing still be heard if you know what i meen. like when im picking i dont want just the sound of the distortion

im looking at the boss MetalCore (ML-2) and MetalZone (MT-2), but i also found the HyperMetal (HM-3) on ebay, which is an old 80's production line model i think thats no longer made

so basically which pedal sould i get?

all suggestions welcome

budget is bout 70-80 pounds, depending on the pedal though the cheaper the better
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The EHX Metal Muff is the only even mildly respectable hi-gain distortion pedal under $100.
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