Recorded a clip of a song I wrote a few weeks ago, and would like to hear what you guys think

Unfortunately, it's just guitar, as I don't have access to piano, drums, and a bass, and, it's rather short (The guitar only comes in for 16 measures or so).

And, I realize the quality sucks, but, I'm just recording as a product of boredom, I'm not looking to make great quality recordings

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That was awesome. For some reason, the quality of the guitar seemed to be a bit bad (like it was just too loud while you were recording) but I loved the tone. The key was really nice as well. At the part around 10 seconds, it would have sounded a bit better (in my opinion) if you held out the high note at the end of that phrase, and at around 20 seconds, it seemed like there was a slight timing issue, but overall this was awesome. Tone was great, great key, great lead writing. Keep it up!

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^i agree with most of what he said

it seems really epic sounding, i'd love to hear it in full sometime

you could extend out most of it though, let some notes and phrases stick with you longer

overall a great starting point though

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18236539#post18236539
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I liked it. It was very emotional, and had a lot of depth. All I would work on is the guitar's tone. It was a little scratchy and trebly. Try using less treble, more bass, and more mids. Hope that helps.
That was really great, no complaints except for the fact the quality was not too great. I suggest turning your microphone down and the amp up and hold back on the drive.
It's really deep, sounds like a better version of zelda.
Also, this is really short, but has great potential to add on to it. This is like the intro to a nice, powerful, rock song. Keep it up.

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