Is there such thing as a clean pedal? Because I like my distortion on my amp and I don't know if I can hook up any channel switcher to my amp.
What amp is it. You may just need a FS. But you could, buy an OD pedal, switch it manually or buy a second amp and A/B them. If you need to
i guess you could get an eq pedal to help ur clean tone, and a footswitch to turn the disto off on ur amp
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ok then, should I go to my music store to see if they can like order the FS in?
Go to the store and ask them what switch you need. My classic 30 just uses a standard 2 button switch. There are switches that work with most amps
You could also try putting an EQ pedal in front of the amp, use it to cut your guitar's volume. It'll be just like rolling off the volume on your volume pot, and will make the amp clean up.
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