I've convinced myself that I'm going to stop buying $300 guitars and buy one really nice one. does anybody know of a place that lists the differences between all the strat models. From what I can see there is the 50's, 60's, highway one, Nashville, Amercian standard, American deluxe, and then the sig models. I know they all vary in price, but I'm trying to figure out the difference in quality, pickups, and how much they vary in tone. For example is the Highway One that much different from an american standard to justify the price?
The big differences is if its a sig strat, which usually have special pickups put into it. The era strats also have pickups from that time period.

Also, the quality of material and just how they handle it and set it up is better compared to say, a MIM strat. I use a MIM strat because of the price, and it sounds just as good as a standard strat.

So really the differences are if it uses pickups from the Custom Shop or just non stock pickups, and the materials used.