Elllo, this is just a little diddy I wrote in guitar pro. I imagine it as a film score, something you'd hear in a movie. So it's pretty orchestral.

Crit for crit of course.

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Slow tempo is somewhat suggestive...

I like the the Piano line, catchy.

The drums (set choice) sound hokey, but that could just be due to MIDI.

The strummed chords are a little too loud, with the rakes.

neat use of the orchestral chords, I like the build.

I can imagine something like this in a Final Fantasy kind of game, over a Cinematic of some sort.

Sounds like the harp is fighting something else in the midrange, adding an unpleasant dissonance from the chords around bars 26, maybe add the melody to the higher octave on piano to avoid that?

Overall nice choice of progression, I can see a constant ebb and flow in the piece. Overall about 8.5/10

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18231013#post18231013 ?

Mmm... I don't really hear this in much of a film but more a video game.

The intro seems to have a very dark tone to it. At least in my opinion. It seems like a good trailer song. Or a theme song to a character.

The strings in the intro along with the harp are very nice. It adds a whole different feel to it.

The acoustic does seem to be a little loud compared to everything else. Maybe turn it down a bit? That seems like it would help a little.

Bars 29-36 are the best so far. I really enjoy this section. The harp is very nice. And the strings add alot to it.

I like how the next section kind of stacked on top of the previous section. At least that's how I look at it... either way, it sounds good.

The octave of the melody sounds really good. It makes for a good ending. I don't really like the chord at the end. It seems too... cadential, if that makes sense. I understand it's there to end it, but it just doesn't fit. Maybe just playing all the notes of the prior melody in a chord and adding a lower octave of the root note?

I'd give it a 9/10. The last chord just really bothered me... I dunno why. It just doesn't fit for me.

Anyways... C4C on my soundtrack song? :P
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