Hey guys, well heres the deal. I'm leavin Canada for Italy for march break with some friends.

One of my goals was to bring back an instrument from that country and after much deliberation a chose to look for a mandolin.

However, i cant seem to find any informations on mandolins sold in Italy (wether its an italian compony or not, idk)

My questions are

1- Any Italians at UG could give me a fairly good mandolin company to check out?
2- Any music shops to pop in at these major cities: Milan, rome, pompei, venise, florence, siena or asisi

My price rage is about 250-300 max CAD$, (just something to get by...Cheaply priced but not made),

Thx guys, any help and/or information is greatly apreciated
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The first thing I would aim for is an Italian violin. I don't believe Italy is well known for mandolins. Mandolins are mainly used by Irish and American (bluegrass) players. You might have a hard time.

Edit: Also, you wont find anything in that price range. If you are looking for a really pricey heirloom instrument, then there are things around. If you want an instrument on the cheap, buy it over here.
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hey im italian and been there. i play some italian music and mandolin is a major instument in the folk traditional muisc. i have and old roundback mandolin that was bought in italy about 40 years ago but its very cheap. you could probably find one of decent quality in your price range.

sry about specific stores and brands though. all i can say is maybe check out the markets. most citys have a weekly market were you might see some music stuff or probably will be able to find someone playing or able to help you and point in the right direction.

hope that helps
Thats perfect, i already have a decent violin and may guitars, basses and percussions from around the world. I was aiming for a tradiationnal round back italian mandolin and not your standard teardrop or f-shaped.......Thx for everything
''Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation'' David St. Hubbins-Spinal Tap