So my dad bought me an acoustic guitar a few years back and now I want to learn to play guitar. The thing is I want to be able to play electric not acoustic and my dad won't get me an electric until I learn how to play acoustic. Will learning to play acoustic affect me when I go on to play electric. Also I'm finding it hard to learn how to play the acoustic so I was just wondering what is the best way to learn acoustic?
you most definately want to learn on acoustic first - that will build up strength in your fingers and teach you the basics.

you can learn on an electric, but acoustic will help you later

and why the hell do you not want to play an acoustic?

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accoustic first will help as the action is usually alot higher so it builds your hand strength. alot of people start on accoustic (me!)
basically learn your basic chords first. G, A, F, C, and D. focus on being able to play each individual string while holding down the chord without any fret buzz on the strings. when your fingers start hurting like crazy, put it down for about 30 minutes, then go back again. this will build calluses on your fingers. learn your chords, play them clean, then practise switching between them. start by going from G to D and vice versa. playing the guitar takes time, and once you can do all of that stuff fairly good, then talk to your dad again. hit me up with a friend request if u need any other help

*edit: make sure you dont get it to the point where your fingers bleed, it makes the learning time double. . just get them to the point where they are red as hell with a deep line
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Every time I play an acoustic and then go back for an electric 30 mins later, I'm so happy to be playing the small neck of an electric again and can play much better.