Song is called Deus Ex Machina by Vulgar, out of Columbia, SC. Recorded on a very poor man's budget. Please excuse the exceedingly digital tone. We wasted an hour trying to make it better with no luck.


open to whatever feedback you have. Add us if you like it.

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The main riff is beast dude, nice. The tone is a bit digital though, dynamics would bring the song to a greater level. The vocals are a little monotonous though, not sure if that's how it's supposed to be because I don't listen to this kind of music often.

Solo is pretty good too, just think it needs to be a bit more transitional, and the changes between parts in the songs seems a little messy, the recording sounds split in some parts. One way you can get past this is by trying to record everything in just one take, it's a bitch I know, but it's worth it to get the seamless transitions between intro, verses and choruses.


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