crappy recording but it looks like you are close overall

2.5/5 due to sound quality

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On my previous video I played 'only for the weak' that I recorded on computer first then montaged on video. It sounds good but someone told me it looks fake. I tried to make this video more live and genuine, but you are right. I need a better microphone. Thanks for watching.
Sounds good man I really like that song and it seems you played it well.

I don't know why Tyler's all over the recording, I think it's fine coming from a camera.
Anyways, great playing, love the tone too, really fits In Flames

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1049109
Not bad mate but the main riff there is a note in the riff which you are letting ring out too long, it really annoyed me! haha ( the second to last note of the riff), but you did good overall

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Awesome song by one of my favorite bands, pretty good cover too

try some harder stuff though alright? Not to try to be offensive, but it sounds like you can move on to more "tech" metal.

One thing I will say as criticism is to palm mute a little better, you hold a note for too long in the verses.

Keep rockin though man!
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