Okay this is one I'm really proud of. I started writing it, then me and my co-guitarist finished it up. I'm sure you see a lot of hardcore bands influencing this piece; Attack Attack! and The Devil Wears Prada, bands like that.

I dig the techno deals in it, it's pretty cool, I hope you all enjoy it too. Looking for constructive criticism, because I think I finalyl nailed the style I like to write, play, and listen to.

Strobe-Lites and Lite-Brights.zip
Really cool, I dig the overall feel of the song.

Each separate part is really good, however it does feel like there are times when you've just got entirely too many things going at the same time, leaving kind of a cluttered feel to it.

I think part of this could be solved by spending some time mixing it a little better. You'd be amazed at how much of a difference panning can make, and I'm willing to bet a few volume and pan adjustments and you'll really clear a lot of the clutter up.

Another problem is it's fairly long and it repeats itself a lot. Now this could definitely be fixed by some kind of leading melody, either vocal or guitar, but that would lead into the next problem, which is that there's already so much going on that there's pretty much no room for anything else to be added.

I really liked that little break at 85, and the section after was also very cool. Again, I love a lot of the rhythm stuff you've got going, catchy as hell.
I agree. You have some very interesting ideas but I think you really need to work on structure. I felt pretty lost in this song.

Some things I liked-

+Loved the synth line at bar 93
+The rythmn parts were pretty good
+Thinking on it, synth really carried this song.

Things I didnt care for-

+The repetition of the guitars
+No solo
+Breakdowns (they were too cliche)

Overall though, I enjoyed listening to it. You have some potential for sure.

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Dude this was super incredible, I think you spent a lot of time on it, and it was really worth it.

I like the heavy taste to it, without being heavy it has great heavy taste to it, more rock than heavy. I think it was nice with all the effects you used, you spent enough time on it!

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Okay, taking one suggestion, I messed with the mixing, I always changed the drums up drastically. This is a much free-er, perhaps way better version which I enjoy, the changes are subtle. Except for the outro.

Still Crit 4 Crit.

Only the Gp5 version is edited. Sorry folks, i will export eventually.
Strobe-Lites and Lite-Brights.zip