okay, i know it's not the most adventurous thing you'll see on here today, but i just got to thinking about adding some kind of design to my tele's white pickguard. the problem is that i dont want to just draw it on and have it look really obviously done, lumpy and uneven and all that. are there paints or other things used to do designs on pickguards?
sorry if this is a stupid question.
you could tape it all over and carefully cut out a shape with a razor, then spraypaint it. or draw, then cut out a design on a piece of paper, then spraypaint through it like ppl do on other stuff like walls
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You could use acrylic paints, then just put a laminate paint over top of it. What design are you doing?
i havent really fully done the design yet but its basically gonna be black paint on the white pickguard, looking like a rabbit
Yeah acrylic paints would do the job. If you have a stencil just go for the spray paint, but otherwise brushes are fine. I would recommend the laminate though, just to preserve your masterpiece.
cheers for the help and just incase anyones interested, heres the ideas ive got which i stuck into paint in a couple minutes. i think i prefer the vertical stripes.

idea 1
idea 2