not sure which forum i shoulda posted this in
but any who check it
these cats i jam wit
have a typical 8 track i think mixing board (behringer)
with phantom power
a few mics
2 half stacks
a strat
a les paul
and one hell of a drum set

ok now what im trying to figure out is
what would be the best way of gettin the best sound out of just those
now the mics are AKG i think
and a behringer that needs phantom power

im kinda lost when it comes to this
plus if it helps any
we're going for a breaking benjamin/crossfade/who the hell knows what to label that as hahahaha

i need feedback ASAP
and plz
no disrepectin

and if u got a myspace
get at me on


well what i mean is like PA wise, like how should i set that up for the mics

like more clarity but still having some bass and mids
like a good vocal eq setting ya know
oh, i see. it'll all depend on the singer. there's no way we can tell you that over the net, because not only will the proper EQ vary from singer to singer, it'll vary from room to room. you'll pretty much have to experiment with it and see what works.
dangit hahahaha, see thats pretty much what i was figurin, i just also thought
maybe there's a certain setting thats all around good for anyone
so on and so forth ya know
appreciate it dude
its practice, we sing through a 15watt rage 158 peavey guitar amp. unless your recording i wouldnt worry about the vocal eq as much as getting your pitch right.
Find someone who has ears and get them to EQ you while you sing.

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