Hey I just wanna know is it possible to tune to drop A on 10 gauge strings

im asking possible
not good sounding

i just wana play drop a songs like psychosocial but i only have 10 gauge strings



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its possible. i would go with a higher gauge, but yes. It's possible.
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yeah, i played in drop A in gauge 9 strings with absolutely no fret buzz... you could probably get as low as drop G on 10s but that's just rediculously low
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Course it's possible. It'll just sound like you're thumping your boot into the mud, hoping it'll produce a note that's in tune.

It'll also be very, very loose.
Yeah, but then you'll learn that everything you play will be out of tune and sound like ****, and tune back up higher or get some 13s to use.
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And your neck is prolly gonna warp due to lack of tension if you don't adjust your truss rod.
you can but what they don't mention is that slipknot plays with baritone guitars i believe. that way they can tune really low and still maintain string tension. i recommend extremely thick strings if you're tuning that low on a standard guitar. also have the guitar adjusted if you can, that will help a little in keeping the string taut.
Eh if your gona go to drop a on a standard guitar you might as well eff it up and put in drop f. Yeah, i said it. Although if your serious about playing in drop a, i would have your guitar adjusted for that tension wise, you really might screw the neck up if you dont.
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There are adjustments that need to be made when tuning down that low, either invest in a baritone guitar (of which slipknot do not use), a 7 string, or just compensate for the tension difference with heavier string gauges like 12's/13's minimum.