Hi all, my name is Rob, I am new here, and I have been playing maybe 5 years at most. I am in the market for a combo amp, and was looking at the peavey ValveKing series. I play alt rock - AIC, soundgarden, Pixies, Smashing Pumkins - and have a budget of about 400 us dollars. I have a yamaha pacifica 112, a boss noise suppressor, and a rocktron rampage r80 as my current amp.

Does the VK sound like a good buy? I was on the VK thread, and was told by VK'ers to start my own thread describing what I have just described.

It'd be pretty good for you
that or a b-52 At-112
whats your budget?
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He's got a $400 budget. There are several amps that come to mind.

The VK is great after you get a new speaker, and maybe an OD pedal or an EQ pedal. Figure another $100 or so. Pumpkins tone is kinda hard to nail 'cause you've got a creamy Marshall tone one second and then a bitter distorted tone next. That's a pedal obviously.

Vk 112 is $419 plus some upgrades
B52 AT60 is $360
Crate Palomino 50 is $400 I think on clearance.
Crate Vs like the 33 and 50 were on clearance if you can find them
Peavey Windor half stack is nice for $399 but lacks a clean channel
other stuff

you said in the VK thread that you don't mind messing with amps. Will you be gigging too or is this just bedroom practice stuff?

also, check your local craigslist for used amps. Great way to get your hands on a nice amp. Let me know if you need help with that. A used Classic 30 would Soundgarden and Pumpkins real well.