hey guys im writing songs *kinda* and i need help.

the songs have keyboards in them and stuff but im having troubling writing songs with it.
cause when i come up with a chorus it sounds to lame or it just doesnt seem like a electronica thing.

can anyone help me.
sorry for late post and didnt help you guys with the question. so heres the new one:

i need help writing electronica music. but i have a problem writing indie lyrics like beatles and it does not sound electronicaish.

for keyboards im using. its just a keyboard and its going to midi in and im using keyboards on my recording software.
Electronica seems to be mostly ambient stuff. It's not really about writing music, it's more about finding the right tone. You generally use programs called "DAW," midi equipment (check your keyboard to see if it has a midi plug at the back) and VST's.
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