Hey, I'm trying to get a good John Frusciante tone out of my DS-2, but I haven't been able to nail it, anybody have the settings he uses on his DS-2?

Ultimate Settings thread only has Amp settings
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I'm with DeltaFunk
itll really depend a lot on your amp but for my frusciante tone with a ds2 I usually do:

turbo mode2
tone around 1-2 oclock
gain maxed

adjust volume to your liking.

some claim the have seen johns ds2 with all controls maxed out, but I havent really seen any pics.
i'd love to know that slane castle into setting, i know for sure it with a ds-2

You can see on the picture that it's almost maxed out... just the dist is around 3 o'clock. if you can't see it then find that picture in better quality.
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