Yes, Yes, time for another one of my experimental ideas, this one is strictly using the hirojoshi (pentatonic scale) (1, 2, b3, 5, b6).
This one is more on the side of an ambient piece of work, written more so as a test to see how quickly i could compose with this scale, and is my idea of how i think it would be applied. The song is pretty basic, and composed via guitar pro, but i think it will still convey an atmosphere of an opium den on a rainy glum day, or maybe some kinda trippy dream like state of mind, where things seem to be ominous and mysterious, or something like that, you decide for yourself, as usual I am down for C4C. Enjoy!


Under my mp3s, under the title Rainy Day Opium Dens
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Sounded really cool. Kinda reminded me of the music in the game Fable, but, if it's an experiment, I'd say it turned out well!
This is really really really trippy....
....but i love it

i see it being used in movie soundtrack somewhere, although i can't put a finger why lol

i like the way it strays from normal music/sounds
keep it up man, thats really cool
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

Thank you, I've kind of realized that this type of music really isn't all that accessible, but I think it could definitely work in some type of soundtrack, or as a piece of music for with accompanying visuals

Edit: ^ yeah, what he said
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