Ive been yearning for a new guitar for some time now, and Ive found many guitars I thought were right...

I really liked the Schecter Devil Custom, because it had a f**** indescribably beautiful and thick tone. the emg 81/85 combination sounded so beautiful in this guitar i almost sh*t myself. the emg 8185 didnt sound that good in any other guitar ive played. The problem is though that the guitar has a huge block on the bottom of the neck at approx. the 17th fret and it makes it hard to get to the higer frets.

So then I looked at the Schecter Hellraiser with Floyd Rose

This guitar has EMG 81/85 but with coil tapping but didnt sound as good as the devil custom... so i realyl dont know.

I don't want to just stick to Schecter, I want a badass guitar for metal.
I like the bands Arch Enemy, As I Lay Dying, Metallica(old stuff), Pantera, Children of Bodom, and stuff liek that.

I have no idea which guitar to get, so please help!!

Also my price range is anything underneath a thousand. Nothing cheap tho, not liek 500 dollar guitar. Also, if it costs a bit more, its fine. PLEASE HELP

edit: i also like Rammstein's sound when they play their chunky power chords with palm mute on.off. their songs are simple but i love their sound
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also, im not sure if i want floyd rose or not because i heard it negatively affects tone, and that its annoying, but i also heard that it stays in tune bettert than anything else and that it is rewarding.
OK a few suggestions-
Jackson Soloist
Ibanez Prestige or S Series
Schecter Hellraiser
Esp/Ltd Eclipse
Fender Jim Root Tele
Dean Razorback
Peavey PXD

You will never know unless you try them out.
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Man, you nailed it first time.
If you like the devil go for that, it looks awesome.
The difference was prob due to string-through, doesn't that coil tap as well?
Or the Hellrasier c-1 without a flyod I doubt is much different.
All of WSR66's seem pretty nice, I'm gonna check the Peavey.