Hi guys,

I just had my first audition (music education - classical guitar) today. I have five more to go
I was wondering if anyone else here on UG is having or have had there auditions recently so we can discuss how it went, tips, etc.

Im performing "Drifting" by Andy Mckee for Berklee.
For the other colleges, I'll be performing "Canarios" by Gaspar Sanz, "Rosita" by Francisco Tarrega, and "Nocturne" by J.K. Mertz.

I'm auditioning for Vanderbilt University (DREAM SCHOOL ) , Berklee, Ithaca College, Temple University, and Montclair State University.

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I'm not familiar with the classical repertoire that you are auditioning with because I am a jazz guitarist myself, but I'm also applying to Temple for the jazz performance program. They had an option of being a music ed major while studying jazz guitar, but you had to audition on classical guitar which doesn't make much sense to me because the two styles are almost like two separate instruments. Good luck though, you have a good selection of schools.
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yeah im applying to several schools (jazz though). I just heard about montclair, do you know how competetive the program is? or how it compares to other universities/colleges?