I'm wrapping up this song right now, there's still a few bits and pieces to be done, namely the guitar solo in measure 136, I don't know if I really want a solo there but I have maybe a fourth of a solo just to fill the space, I've yet to figure out what to do with it. Also the outro is something I'm still unsure of. Anyways, I dunno what genre I'd call it, it reminds me of Deadwing-era Porcupine Tree a bit. It's long. Like, 15 and a half minutes or something like that :P The "mellotron" noise is just there for some background atmosphere, and I think it's a good lead in to the acoustic guitar, not complex or anything like that.

So yeah, some creative input would be cool, some ideas for what I can do with that missing solo section, or just general suggestions for polishing up whatever needs to be polished.

Also, I have a Guitar Pro file if anyone would want to hear it.

[EDIT] - ZIP file attached, with GP5 file.
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I had to click like 4 different security blocks to get the thing to download lol, next time just zip it up and attach (or attach if you're French) it to your post.

My first guess would be you do not own Guitar Pro 5? No problem, PowerTab is good enough!

I thought it was pretty good, luckily I had 15 minutes to spare lol... Around 6 minutes it started getting really neat, I thought it was nice! You certainly used PowerTab (I believe) to it's fullest potential in this song! lol 7:10 just totally left me breathless, favorite part ha

I really liked it all-in-all, great work, you spent a lot of time on it, and it pays off! Great song mate!

~~~ 9.0/10 ~~~
I docked one point, because it was simply too long for me. =[ sorry. Nice Dream Theater type feel though!
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Hah, sorry, I always forget that the majority of people around here use Guitar Pro. I prefer making a Powertab and then importing it.

So I attached a new ZIP file with a .GP5 file in there. If anyone downloads it and thinks the mixing is a bit weird, it's because the left side speaker on my computer hasn't worked in like 9 months, so nothing is panned to the left. Feel free to change it if you like :P
This starts of with very soothing floating-like feeling. Like it! Around bar 27 (?) it kinda sounds almost like Muse in my opinion. Very nice!

I wonder have you thought this as an instrumental or with vocals? It would work both ways and I think that some parts would almost require some vocals.

Overall very good job. Very well structured. I couldn't do a better job myself! And kudos for the long song structrure. They are really underrated! And more people should go and try to make a long epic song. I should make one too. Haven't even tried actually.

Keep up the good work man!
Well, I essentially wrote the entire first half before the second half and I planned on it being a song with vocals, otherwise I probably would've stayed away from having such a clear-cut verse/chorus/verse structure in the beginning. The only problem is, I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to writing vocals
Really nice song, I enjoyed it the whole way through, though i think some parts repeated too many times and I also think the ending was a bit, emm, sudden. Adding some fading or something like that could help you achieve a more smooth ending though maybe it is supposed to be like it. Some clean vocals could really add to the song too, especially in the parts where the song repeats a lot.