I recently took this in trade from Onemind (thanks for the pictures). I've played around with it for a few days. It's a super amp but I prefer the Soldano-like tone of my IA to the Fenderish tone the Victory is famous for.

The amp began its life as a Victory head. A prior owner preferred a combo and had a custom 1x12 combo cab built for it. My understanding is that Mojo built the cabinet and also built the cabinets for Heritage when the amp was being manufactured. It's a beautful job and loaded with an 8 ohm greenback.

I also have the original head cab which is likewise in mint condition. I would consider selling the head cabinet w/o an amp but do not want to pull the amp for the combo and put it into the head for a sale. Too much work and I've never done it before.

I'd sell the combo amp and the empty head for $1300 delivered in the CONUS + paypal fees. I'd sell the "empty head" alone for $200 delivered. I live in Central Jersey and would prefer a local deal and would reduce the prices accordingly for a pickup. A much prefer a sale but would consider exceptional guitars in full or partial trade.

The amp was designed by Paul Cochrane. I found a post of him giving his view of the amp:

"The Victory is sort of like a cross between a AC50/JTM45 with 6v6's. I wanted something that had a tone that was a cross between a deluxe/jtm/vox thing. It doesn't use a 12AU7 for the first stage like the AC50, but it's padded down to about those levels. It's got the JTM tone stack, but with the AC50's inverter/lack of feedback, and combination bias. The combo had verb, but the head had a second channel that doubled as a parallel FX loop for the 1st. It was a single triode stage DC coupled into a cathode follower driving a tone control that's a panning style control like what you'd see in a Big Muff. That all came from wanting to add a tone control to the FX to warm up some dig effects, but it sounded really good on it's own so it was made into a channel. The two channels were brought into different sides of the inverter, so you could blend them together if you didn't want to use the 2nd channel as a loop, or you could put a patch cable in the loop which would stack the first channel into the second for some higher gain sounds.

It was a cool amp, but for now Heritage isn't making amps anymore, and I don't know if they'll every get back to it."

Here's a link to a retailer's description. Note the amp is the head version.



Please PM me with questions, etc.

Thanks for reading this far.
first link doesnt work. nice amp!
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