Well I just got a Fender MIM Fat Strat and the action is way too damn high. In the book that came with it it says to adjust the action you need to do all kinds of stuff like putting a capo on to measure string distance and what not. Basically I'm asking if there's an easier way to lower it, or should I just take it somewhere and have them deal with it?
Most people just do it by feel. It's too low if you bottom out bends or your strings buzz through an amp. What kind of bridge do you have? I'm assuming standard strat bridge. There are little allen key hexagon things on each of the saddles. Lower them with an allen wrench.
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Well, theoretically, when u change action height, that also messes with ur intonation (although it's usually ever so small that it's almost negligible, but that differs sometimes).

If u know how to manipulate ur guitar's bridge, u can lower it urself. If that throws off ur intonation and u don't know what to do, just take it to a tech. Otherwise, u can just learn how to do all that stuff by looking online (google is ur best friend along with UG)

(I'm assuming u know what intonation is. It's basically playing the open string, and then playing the natural harmonic at the 12th fret of the same string, and making sure they're EXACTLY the same pitch).

EDIT: Not the same pitch, but an exact octave above. By pitch I meant note*.
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you should check youtube. there are like 1000 how to videos on that sort of thing. i would also consider buying this book for future reference http://www.amazon.com/Totally-Guitar-Dave-Hunter/dp/1592238564/ref=ed_oe_p/188-2498448-6033302
it has pretty much everything about guitars in it such as changing pickups, adjusting action, adjusting necks. i know its saved me from having to take my guitar to a shop and pay to fix it.
other than that i cant help because i dont know strats very well. sorry.
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Here is the quick and easy check...

If you lower the saddles to the desired height and it still buzzes, you need to adjust the neck. This can be done, but you should follow the instructions and make small adjustments over a long period of time.

As a side note...my old MIM strat has a bad neck, so even after much adjustment I needed to leave the action pretty high.
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