I have a completely stock Epi LP Standard, and I love how it plays, but I know I can make it sound better.
So I was wondering, How much do pickups effect your tone? I've heard my guitars pickups aren't to great.

So, what pups would you suggest? I play mostly pop-punk/alternative stuff, though I sometimes play heavier stuff too. I also need good cleans
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Take a look at Suhr's humbucking range - some of the sweetest sounding pickups I've ever heard. Check out Guthrie Govan's tone if you want an idea of what you can expect.

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They're gonna have to be available at GC or Samash, cause I don't like ordering online.

EDIT: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Search/Default.aspx?src=p90&Search.x=0&Search.y=0&Search=Go

Which P90? Does it matter?
It matters greatly, because most P90s won't fit your guitar at all.

Frankly those people were stupid for suggesting them off the bat like that.

To answer your original post, pickups don't really effect tone that much unless you're doing a huge jump like a mid-output Alnico V humbucker to an active pickup or a single coil; if you're just going from one overwound Alnico V pickup to another overwound Alnico V pickup, you'll usually notice very little difference at all (if any).

Your amp has by far the most impact on your tone. Second tot hat would be your guitar in general, e.g. what wood it's made from, whether it has a larger body or a small one, what wood the fretboard is made from, etc. After that it's what type of pickup you have in a very general sense, e.g. singlecoil, humbucker, P-90, passive or active, and if it's passive then you can get down to things like what magnet it uses and so forth.

Generally though as a rule of thumb if you're flicking between passive pickups, you won't notice any difference unless you're playing with a top-end guitar through a large, professional stack amplifier costing in the multiple thousands, which I think it's safe to say nobody here has.

Before you can really decide what pickups to get, you need to answer/think about these questions:
  • What amp do you have?
  • What exact model of guitar do you have? (in the case of Epiphone, what year it was made matters a lot)
  • What is your playing style? (e.g. rhythm, lead, bit of each, are you a beginner, a professional embarking on a world tour, etc)
  • What is it about your current tone you think needs changing, and how do you want to change it? It helps to provide specific examples such as names of other players who have a tone similar to what you'd like.
  • What is your budget and where do you live? Some brands of pickup can be cheaper in certain countries than others, or not available in some areas at all.

Once you've got through all of those, you can start getting some answers that actually mean something...
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Take a look at Suhr's humbucking range - some of the sweetest sounding pickups I've ever heard. Check out Guthrie Govan's tone if you want an idea of what you can expect.


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