Okay so I'm gonna be buying a Fender Stratocaster HSS eventually in all white. I think I'm going to purchase an extra pickguard because I found an awesome picture I want to put on it... My questions to you brilliant minded fellows are:
1. How hard is the pickguard to remove and replace on the strat?
2. How would be the best way to put a picture that is fitted to the size and shape of the pickguard on? I don't know much about modding but I wont be able to paint this picture on, and printing out the actual picture itself, then cutting and like glueing it on doesnt seem right? Idno, what do you guys say?
1. It is very easy to take the pick guard off. You just have to take the strings off and unscrew it. 2. Get a company to make a sticker out of it.
if you get a pickguard from pickguardcorner.com you can get any picture you want on one i believe, maybe look into that.

pickguards are really easy to swap, and the only way i could think of getting a picture on it other then painting is probably silk screening.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.