I just wrote a song called "Live Life" that will be on a future CD for my band...
Anyay it's on my profile:
Please comment and/or rate it. Also. I'd be glad to help you out with your recodings if you want to help me with mine.
I'm just looking to see what people think of it.
It's guitar and drums only, a raw instrumental.
There's bass and vocals, I just didn't add them in this because I can't sing and I can't play bass, and my band is not here right now.
And I know the solo has way too much drive, that was an accident.

EDIT: the solo was totally unplanned it was the kind of thing where I just played to fill up some time.
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Review as a listen, the intro deffinatley made me think this song was going somewhere else, but cool change up, I say this to a lot of people, but some minor timing issues, the 2nd transition (drum wise didnt seem smooth) and the changing of guitar effects isnt working, the drums dont seem to be transitioning in time, and not to say the effects aren't good, they are just not appearing in the right context, I can see you making some good experimental peices in the future, the riff gets kinda repetive, and again fix the drums, but i understand your band isn't there, not sure if you played drums or not. By looking at your profile I see you like Eric Johnson alot, learn some of his pentatonic ideas, you have some basics down, but don't string them together sensibly, seeing as its your first song, its not a bad attempt, just work at it, lifes a journey after all, you try to do to much with to little, and the free guitar solo, well your not jimmy page yet, hehe, keep at it though
There are some pauses in the drums when the beat changes, which kinda throws it off time, the main riff is really repetitive. The bends in the solo are dissonant with the riff, I think (Dunno if that was intentional or not), and the solo seemed kinda, unstructured. Other than that, the song's alright. Just work on getting the drums on times, and maybe try a couple of different solos in that spot, just to see what else you can put there instead.

(Thanks for the crit)