sorry for big pics. ill edit if needed. but what i really want is if someone could identify this ibanez. the old owner said it was an Ibanez RX-70 so if someone could confirm.
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Yup deffinetly the GRG170DX, iv got one myself.

It's this. Just to let you know, the tuners on the Gios are cheap and unreliable, you might consider changing them.
^Pegs is even more "slang" than tuners... I think a more technical term is tuning machines.
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The pegs? sorry,i must sound pretty stupid but i geuss im just not accustomed to the slang yet. And if you (mazzakazza) are saying that they go out of tune, i havnt had any problems with them yet. Although i will admit the low e string takes a little tinkering to get right.

Tuners = pegs = Tuning Machines = Machine heads

I had a gio for a little while, the tuners kept slipping. To be fair, it was rather old, so it might've just been age.
Dear lord, its not the GRG170DX, this one has 22 frets, like i said, 2003 GRX70...

China production
Z = Yeou Chern Factory
32 = February 2003
1737 = 1737th guitar made
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