Hello everybody

I am looking for some amp suggestions.

I need something that is:
small (I live in a college dorm)
$100ish-$600ish (I live on a college budget)
good for practice and light gigging
usable with electric and accoustic (I want to have one amp for both if that is possible)

I know absolutely nothing about brands and general quality of certain types of amps and what not (I have only ever bought one amp...so not much experience). Also I live pretty far in the country so going to the guitar store and getting a feel for a bunch of amps isnt really an option for me.
so if you could help me get a general idea with some suggestions or what to look for that would be awesome.

(i didnt see this addressed in any of the stickies when I read them so if it is sorry about that)
um sorry didnt mention that. well thing is I play pretty much anything, metal, rock, folk, blues, etc.

so i guess just a neutral versital sort of amp would be good or even if i need to get two amps like a practice one and a gig one.

like i said i really dont know where to even start looking.
^No. Just no.

It sounds like you need a modeler. A Cube-60 would be my first choice. The Peavey Vypyrs are also quite popular. I personally don't like them, but you might.
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I would go for a Line 6 Flexitone if you need versitality. Or maybe one of the tube VYPYRs that are coming out
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I wouldn't play an acoustic through an electric amp. Electric amps are meant to amplify the sound of an electric guitar.

Acoustic amps are made much differently than electric amps. And in acoustic amps, SS is actually preferred because you always want the amp to stay clean, rather than breaking up at higher volumes. Overdrive + Acoustic = FEEDBACK THAT KILLS!

That being said, acoustic amps are relatively cheap. There is an "Electronics for Acoustics" section in A&C. I suggest looking there for acoustic amp suggestions.

As for electric...well I can't really give you much opinion on this. I'm a n00b when it comes to electric.
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great thanks for the advice so far.

would 15w really do it for anything more than practicing? could you really play a show with that?

as far as versitility I figure if i get a nice clean sound I can just get a couple of stompboxes and i am good to go with whatever right?
As an owner of a 15-watt that's gigged with it, yes, you can. And yes, if you get a good clean tone, just get a good distortion and OD and you're set. As for the amp, I'd recommend a Blues Jr, an AC15, a Blackheart Handsome Devil, and, if your willing to dig for a cab, an Orange Tiny Terror and an Egnater Rebel 20.

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