I am building a strat, and I would like to put the Fender vintage noiseless pickups in it. I am also going to put in this...Fender mid boost

My questions are, are those pickups active or passive? and Does it change anything since i'm putting circuit in too? Is installation the same for active pickups as it is for passive?

Thank you
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Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups are passive pickups. You can install them just like any other passive pickup.

Be aware they've not got quite the full singlecoil tone, in fact a lot of people don't like them and think they're very 'empty'-sounding.

As far as active pickups in general go, no it's not the same as installing passive pickups, they require different electronics, but since you wouldn't be dealing with active pickups that's not a problem.

As far as that mid boost circuit goes, I've not used that particular Fender one, but I have used a 12db version and it wasn't too bad in terms of installing alongside regular passive pickups, it came with clear instructions. The only thing you have to really be careful of is making sure you've got enough room to actually put it all in and of course you need somewhere for the switch to go, which can mean a new pickguard/replacing one of the current controls on your guitar.
I also personally didn't find it was worth it. I think just using an EQ pedal and better use of your guitar's volume and tone controls is a better way to go.
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Really? I've heard a lot of good things about these pickups. I read quite a few reviews on them and the majority thought they were great, i'll try em out.

I'll probably give that circuit a shot, it's not terribly expensive and i've read alot of good things about it on the reviews for the Eric Clapton strats that come with the same boost.

Thanks too, you answered the main question I had lol
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I had them in a strat and hated them. They were really dull and thin. Normal single coils and good shielding does away with any problems I notice.

However, if you must have noiseless pickups, I recommend kinman pickups. But I would advise against it.
What about the lace gold sensors? Anyone have any experience with them?
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And is having noiseless pickups mean that I don't have to shield the cavities, or should I still do that? What would be a good recommendation for single coil strat pickups that I would use for mainly clean bluesy, funky stuff, but still sounds good with rock type distortion...not heavy distortion, just distortion.
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I have lace sensors in my strat; a red int the bridge and a blue in the neck. Can handle all those styles well and really good with distorion. My only complaint is that they are slightly less stratty then other p'ups. I still love them though...