ok so i have spend a considerable amount of my life listening to shred guitar and am pretty confident that i know what kicks a lot of ass, Now i realize theres a large many kickass shredders out there that we can all agree rock with the best of them, including (but not limited to) Joe satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Marty i Friedman, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, Tony McAlpine, Buckethead, and the list goes on. I have read my fair share of "101 greatest guitarists" lists and so on but none of them seem to mention just how f**king hard Andy Timmons rocks... correct me if im wrong but this dude leaves my jaw on the floor till he stops playing. Am i the only one who appreciates this genius or are there others out there? Im starting to think hes one of the most underrated guitarists ive ever heard.
He is amazing, he kind of lays off of the shred though, which I love (I'm not a big fan of shred) Resolution is an AMAZING record! I just recently got into him, and I've got to agree that he is extremely underrated. Timmons brings good tone, tasteful phrasing, and good chops all together into one pot, and I love 'im for it
once i heard satriani i figured no one could have that combination of awesome tone, dazzling fretwork and beautiful phrasing , all while not disrupting the beat of the song. The individual parts are like mini compositions of their own and even his fill work is amazing. I dont know that much about him yet... i think ive got most of his stuff already downloaded and i do agree its not just his shredding thats good its everything ... the first song i ever heard was cry for you and i think it is an excellent display of all his talents in one song. Ive got a lot of favorites already by him but if theres any ones you all might reccommend im open to suggestions. Or on the same note are there any more amazing guitarists similar in style that i dont already know about? It seems like every time i get into a new guitarist i realize thats one less to discover and it seems like the supply is running short.
Blues Saraceno, easily my favorite guitarist of all time

EDIT: He made his 3 solo albums before the age of 20 I believe. Now he does television and 'behind the scenes' kind of work. You've probably heard a bunch of his stuff without knowing it. Check out his page, just google his name, has his own line of pedals and whatnot. AMAZING tone and phrasing, perfect if I may say so
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his clean tone makes me drool for a mesa lonestar

oh well, i have to make due with my Stiletto
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I remember seeing a video where he explained that he has this kind of a stereo rig, where he has on the other side Stiletto as the master head and then the Lonestar as the slave and the same thing vice versa on the other side.