I guess melodic metal ****edy mcyoodelstein. Whatever it is enjoy! C4C
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This is way too generic for me. Sounds exactly like every shadows fall or new in flames ive ever heard. There is a very easy way to avoid this. GET OUT OF C MINOR. THERE ARE MORE SCALES THEN JUST THIS ONE PATTERN, WHATEVER KEY ITS IN. That being said, a lot of your compositional aspects are good, you have good build ups and falls. O and your solo was ****e. You were either going straight up, straight down, or pedal pointing. Any riff that includes the notes E0 A5-7-8-10 have been done a million times over, and using these notes you will never come up with something original.

Overall you have skill and really understand composition, but are painfully limited by the ****ty music you listen too(Im assuming this is the type of music you listen to, it might not be)


Sorry bout the harshness, kinda uncalled for but ive been drinkin.

Okay I concede the pedal point part in your solo was actually pretty cool. Drums were very good, and the bass was fitting as well.

Edit: Looking back its not that this is a bad song, its actually pretty good, but it disappoints me to see someone with your compositional talent making this kind of un-original music.
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