This is an audition for my school's battle of the bands. Here's the background: I made this band from scratch 2 months ago, the night before the first battle of the bands meeting, pretty much online and by phone. We had our first practice with everyone, and it was a mess. The original bassist didn't show up for any practices, so the bassist in the video only showed up for 2 practices, and the video was his 2nd. Over the next week or so, we got our stuff together and tackled the beast known as "That Was Just Your Life" by Metallica, while crafting an original song.

I'm the singer/lead guitarist and only been playing for 2.5 years, self taught, so I'm obviously entitled to some screw ups. I've been singing for 2 weeks however, because we couldn't find a vocalist, so I had to take the reins.

All in all, for a bunch of 17 year olds with only 2 months as a band, to cover a song, and to make an original, how did we do?
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my honest opinion: it's clear you guys are trying... but you aren't ready for prime time yet. many of the guitar parts do not match musically or are just not locking in and so they sound like they don't work musically. the feedback that keeps happening is not good, the bassist seems to get lost a fair bit, and there is not too much groove to any of the parts, except on the signature riffs from the cover song, and the singing is, well, not good. i'm sorry to go all Simon Cowel on you, but you guys need to work on lots of stuff before you go on stage.

the main thing is to work on playing together as a unit, with a continuous groove, and spend more time working out the guitar parts. as for the singing, i don't really know how to sing either... but i'd consult someone who can sing, and ask them for some tips.
We're not looking to go prime time. This is just a hobby, and like I said, I am not a singer. No one else wanted to play and sing, so I had to do the best with what I had, and you gotta give me props for not humming the words to That Was Just Your Life.

We gotta work on playing with a metronome though. That's my problem, since I just play off tabs while listening to the music.

Thanks for the criticisms though.
cool. i don't mean prime time as in "playing professionally.." just that you guys need to tighten up a bit as a band before you play shows, or else you'll have one of those uber-sad band moments where like, half the bar empties out as soon as you start playing, lol... and again, i'm not trying to slag on you or anything... just that there's enough people out there who dislike heavy metal to begin with, and when it's played out of time, it sends them running for the hills.

either way, the important thing is to keep at it. you've got a full lineup, so as long as everyone keeps coming to practice, you'll only get better. and if you can find a singer to join up, then even better.
I understand where a lot of you are coming from about the singing, but maybe what you failed to realize is that I had a music stand in front of me with the song structure for both songs, as well as lyrics for both. There's no way I could memorize the super fast lyrics coinciding with the main riff for That Was Just Your Life, so I was reading them as I was attempting to sing and play super fast riffs.

I realize it does sound droney and boring, but no one else wanted to play and sing.
again, not to call you out, but excuses don't make bad singing any better, and an audience REALLY doesn't care why it's bad, they just know it's bad. i've seen many a band play a show with a singer who can't sing, and it never fails to drive the audience out. hence, you'll need more work, ie: memorize the song, and be able to play and sing everything smoothly and/or properly
Would you rather have bad singing or no singing? I was seriously considering both songs to be instrumental pieces, but my friend who plays solely instrumental material every year bores the audience within two minutes of just guitar and drum solos.

So don't you think singing of some kind was the packaging for the final product? It wouldn't sound complete without it, no matter how bad it is.
you can test it out in public if you want, but i'll bet dollars to donuts that they'd like it better if you played instrumentals and played them well, rather than if you sing badly and allow it affect your guitar playing at the same time.
Thanks for the input. What was the better song? It was definitely a bad idea to make a fast 7 minute Metallica song as our first ever cover.
And I like your band name lol. Its funny because I learned about that in my AP Macroeconomics class not too long ago.