I was just disgusted, sickened even with myself when I discovered that out of 8682 songs, or 663 albums on my iPod, I do not actually own/have illegally downloaded Blood Sugar Sex Magic! I felt the need to listen to I Should Have Lied whilst on a bit of a reminisce as to how good the Red Hot Chili Peppers actually are, only to find out of all this music I own, this beautiful song is not a part of my collection.
I'm actually appauled.
I have every Chilis album apart from the one that most people argue to be the best one.

Anyways, to make this relevant to anyone and not just a little rant by a slightly drunk and appauled me, are there any album or pieces of music that you so desperately want to listen to, but do not have at your disposal?
I realised earlier that I had no bob dylan on my iPod. i spent 30mins finding and loading all my Cds to my iPod
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I need metal
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I think to make up for this I'm gona have to buy an actual CD copy of Blood Sugar Sex magic. I don't know when though, I'm doin pretty **** in the way of funds at the moment.
I could have lied is the best song in the world. It's been my favorite song for like 2 and a half years. Also, my favorite guitar solo ever.
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I need metal

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Wintersun. I love that album so much.

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I just realized I didnt have Goatse and the Tubgirls on my iPod.

Gotta rectify that now.

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Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
dude my bloodgasm ep and my vaginal jesus album
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I need Fear of The Dark by Iron Maiden. I lost their discography when my old computer died and that's pretty much the only album I feel I need right now. I know there's more but that's been the most recent one I've really wanted to listen to.
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Thanks to the internet, everything is a new tab and a google away.

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I realized all my dad's old Beatles records had yet to be converted by me into CD's, so I proceeded to do that, and loaded them all on my iPod. All is well with the world.
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i just realized i have no Skid Row on my iPod.

i need mah skid row.

i'm missing animal collective's new album because i'm the only one of my friends who made the new years resolution to stop downloading music. tomorrow can't come soon enough.
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It's so funny that this thread was posted, because today I realized that I, for some reason, did not have "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" on my iPod. I even had some Smashing Pumpkins songs, but for some reason my favorite SP album was not present. I was sick with myself.
The Beatles and Racer X. Ripping them now Thanks for reminding me
the jonas brothers are sooo
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