The music i write has a little bit of everything in it.
It has some really melodic slow parts in it, similiar to Six -All That Remains
its got KILLER breakdowns. im a master of the metronome and i write hectic 3/5 breakdowns and tempo changes and what not all in it.
its got the brutality of a whitechapel song while having the good positive feeling to overcome anything

i love music and have some recorded.
im looking to hook up with some people in the metro area and start something that really will change the way people look at music.
its my life, and if it changes someones life, then my lifelong dream has been met.
please reply on here or send me a message with a way i can contact you in a PM.
Quote by HIM%(^
id say this is cool..except 3/5 isnt an existant time signature....



nah man i type sloppy as hell :P
but really i am looking around
and nice ibanez.
i have the Ibanez RGT42DXFM with the blue flame maple top

its a killer guitar.

im playin with the band settle the sky in may but im still lookin for a band to tour with and stuff