Hi all,

I have the chance to pick up a power amp for my ADA mp-1 its a Tube Works MV-962. The cab I have is a 2x12 celestion, 150watts. As for the power amp, its 80watts per side or 160 bridged I guess.

My question is if I did run it bridged would I run the risk of blowing the cab? Also would the fact that its not a tube power amp factor into this? Sorry if these sound like stupid questions, I have been using my 100watt tube head prior to this without probs.


You're probably fine running it in stereo through the cab as long as you're not blasting it full on, speakers are rated conservatively, their max rating is probably more than 150w.

However, unless your cab has a stereo input, I wouldn't worry about it, as you'll really only be able to run it at 80w. Unless by "bridging" you mean plugging your guitar into two inputs on the front, which unless the two different channels on it sound different (which I kinda doubt on a power amp), there's really no point to doing it anyway
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