Okay, I recently bought a used Fender Stratocaster from a local guitar shop. After I got home, I decided I might as well get online and figure out what year it is. Well, upon closer inspection, I relaized there's not a serial number anywhere on the guitar. I even removed the neck, but I still found nothing. I should also point out that there were QC marks, but no written serial number on the back of the neck when I took it off. I'm worried that it might be a fake, and I payed good money for this thing. I'll be posting pics shortly. If anybody can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it.

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if its american/crafted in japan it should be on the back of the neck near where it connects to the body. if its mexican/made in japan its on the headstock. check if it was refinished/discolored spots in those locations.
The serial number on my strat is on the back of the headstock, American Malmsteen Model.
Everything looks legit in those pics besides the absence of a serial number, although I don't know that I've ever seen a strat with a flame top.
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The writing of "Stratocaster" on the headstock does not look like the traditional one. If anything, i'd say it was a Parts-o-caster with shoddy decals.

Although I have little to no knowledge of MIJ Strats, so it could be one of the those.
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I'ma go all unconventional here and say: Does it sound good?

Yeah, it sounds great and it plays like a dream. It's a nice guitar and all, but I want to make sure it's the real deal.
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The writing of "Stratocaster" on the headstock does not look like the traditional one.

That's what I thought, too. Also, I noticed that the "Original Contour Body" decal ssays "Pat. Pend.", and I know it's not that old. Not unless it was kept in a case for 50 years.
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Good call on the "Pat. Pend." I would have never noticed. Sorry man, but I think its a fake, the main sign is that it doesn't have a serial number, but the other signs mentioned are also indications that it could be fake.
Yeah, I think you might be right. Looks like I'll be making a trip back up to the guitar shop tomorrow. Maybe the guy who runs it will let me trade it for something that's actually worth the $700 I payed for it. Thanks for the help.
Well, if its a Part-O-Caster, maybe that neck is a real 50's Fender neck.

Probably not, but if it is, the neck alone is probably worth more than you payed for the guitar. I'd check the neck joint (where the neck goes into the body cavity) for a serial number of some kind, just to be sure.

Oh, and if you really like it, does it really matter if its a genuine Fender or not?
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Take it back and ask the dealer what is going on. It could just be that it has had a new neck fitted because of problems with the old one. At 700 bucks I would want the guitar to check out as the real deal or I would want my money back. How long have you had the guitar.
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Oh, and if you really like it, does it really matter if its a genuine Fender or not?

Well if i paid that kind of money for a guitar that is supposedly made by a trusted brand then i would be kind of mad too.