Ok, so ive had my squire strat for about a year, and I know this will sound bad, but not once did I change the strings. I know I should do it way more often but they never broke. So anyway, I change the strings to Ernie Ball Slinky Strings .010, and im pretty sure I did it right, but when I was done I noticed my bridge was differant. My bridge allows you to use a whammy bar, although I dont know what kind. But when the I changed the strings, the bridge was being pulled up by the strings as if the whammy bar was pressed against the guitar. Now, I dont have a whammy bar on my guitar, and I didnt touch any of the screws, so im not sure what is wrong, but the guitar wont stay in tune, and the action is raised really high. If anyone can help it would be very helpful.
Adjust your spring tension. Google is your friend for a quick How to.
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More spring tension, honestly to me year old strings sound and feel horrible its like playing a totally different guitar with old strings.
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It probably came with .09's on it, and the change to .10's pulls harder on the bridge, making it float up a bit.
Yep, either adjust your spring tension or buy lighter gauge strings. It's an easy fix, no need to worry.