Hey guys,
I've been playing a while, I have myself a funky little set of riffs and recordings, licks and grooves..etc, stored up from all my jamming. Some sound awesome, some sound good, others need work. I'm just sort of delving into theory - it took me a while to muster the effort - and most of it seems to relate to acoustic material or soloing, which is a bummer, and here's why,

I've always been a groove oriented guy, and admittedly I'm a big fan of Aerosmith, Metallica, ACDC, pretty classic, generally mainstream hard rock. So theory indeed applies to me, however I'm a groove guy, and I prefer playing rhythm, and of those three bands most of their material is composed of powerchords, finger lickin' fills and zany solo's, not overt usage of chords like Dsus4.

Now, while I understand this I also want to understand what makes some of my riffs good and bad, when most are composed primarily of powerchords with some noodling or fills in the major scale tossed in. Do the same chord progressions apply for powerchords, or is it just sheer chance that some of my stuff sounds pro quality and some of it sounds like ****?
chord progressions can apply to powerchords and it is chance that some stuff sounds good and some doesn't, but as you play more and more, it becomes less likely that you'll create crappy riffs.

Also, adding major scale "fills" to all of your riffs might be the problem unless you know where to add them.
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