Sorry if this was posted before, couldnt find anything on search..

But, long story short:

I want to buy this guitar:

It says I could finance it for $33 Dollars a month.

I've never financed anything, so I might as well learn now and do it right the first time.

Theres an option for no interest or payments for 12 months.

Whats the deal with that?

Do they ship the guitar to me, then I pay for it after I've owned it for a year?
If not, could I pay, say 100 bucks a month for it?
Will they charge interest if I pay 100 bucks a month and pay it under a year?
Any extra payments/fees?

I'm doing this with my bass. It basically means that you get the guitar now, and try to pay it off in a year. If you don't pay it off in a year they slap something like 22% interest on every payment. And yes, you can pay more than what it will say on the bill. The price on the bill is the minimum monthly payment. You could pay it off all at once for all they care..they just want their money.
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The 33 dollars per month option is the minimum you can pay for it. If you choose that, you end up paying A LOT more than you would actually pay if you bought it in one go. It's a little murky for me as I am not one to be economically aware, but I do know that paying on credit makes you lose more money than paying up front.

I would personally suggest either talking to a banker, saving up and paying for it all in one go, or doing the $100 a month at the very least (it's better to pay more than the minimum, you'll end up spending less money on interest).

EDIT: Listen to the guy above me, he knows what he's talking about as well as having first-hand experience.
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you need to apply for the musicians friend credit card. if you don't know what financing is, you don't need a credit card.
You're gonna need to sign up for their credit card for all of that.

If you're looking to buy something on a no-strings attached payment plan, check out zZounds or American Musical Supply
it means that you get the guitar and CAN pay $33 a month, but after 12 months they put interest on it. as long as you pay it off in 12 months then you pay the normal amount on the guitar, nothing more, but if you take longer than 12 months, then its gonna cost more than what it says.