I recorded it yesterday, and I've been practicing it for about a week. I'm still improving on it, but I put it up on YouTube anyway!

The Echo Song by Paul Gilbert - Cover (I recommend you watch it in "high quality.")


Feedback and comments are welcome!
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mad skills man.
Crazy good job.
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Great! 5/5

I rated your video too. Thanks for criticizing my song.

(you made a little mistake at 2:34, but overall good job pretty clean)
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Very good, 5* for sure.

Love PG and that's one of my fav song. Very well played, only spotted a small mistake at like 2:34-2:35 but very clean otherwise

Cheers for the crit.
Realy great cover dude.
Very cleanly played which might be kinda challening when doing this kind of delay thing.
The mistakes you made were canceled out by the well played parts.
The only major mistake was at round 2:30-3:00 where you messed up a bit and started to speed up. I noticed that in other parts too.
It's hard to keep rythm for such a long time without no other rythmic referance than the delay.

Good job dude definatly a decent cover.

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Awesome cover, I really like your tone. Not my usual style of music but I enjoyed that. Some parts seem a little sloppy but overall well played im sure it just needs a little practice. Thanks for critting my autumn leaves.
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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