I used the search bar and no luck, so why not?
Discuss this great alt-indie-pop rock band!
Yes they did write the song for the gay ass show the O.C
but honestly I could care less where they get their fans from
I think they write plenty of other great songs that are well worth listening to
and thus...DISCUSS!
but as of now, this band is on a " indefinite hiatus" which (I think) is unfortunately another word for break up
But who knows?
maybe someday they'll pickup their guitars together again....

The Guest is great c.d to start on
"Never stop doing what you love" - Paul McCartney (Commercial lololol)
Phantom Planet is my favorite band, ever!

The Guest has been my favorite cd, but their self-titled one is rocketing up, mostly because By the Bed just became my favorite song.(Before By the Bed it was The Guest [the song, live])

I'm just really glad I got to see them live (in 2005) before they went on their hiatus.
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