A few days ago the toggle switch of my home build Squasuga Fretless Frankenstein Jazz Bass finally quit service. It was part of the electronics salvaged from the old Kasuga, which are two pots, a socket and the before mentioned toggle. Originally I wanted to put a Jazz bass style three pot switch array in it. I bought the parts, but the 500K pots didn't work. They only passed signal when almost fully open. The Kasuga pots worked fine, but nowhere is there any indication of their impedance. Now the toggle is gone, I would like to go on with my original plan.

The question I now must ask is; what pot meters do fit the Fender Custom Shop 60's Jazz Bass pick ups? Fenders own website doesn't give this information and the Squire site, which is particularly good in it's diagrams, gave me the wrong 500K number. Should I go 250K or something in between? Anyone any particular knowledge on these pick ups?
Thanks in advance
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All the pots are 250k for jazz basses. I find the best ones to use are the CTS solid shaft pots as used by Fender. The capacitor is generally a .050uF but you can use anything from .050uF up to .100uF. The higher the value of the capacitor, the more high frequencies are bled to ground when the tone pot is at it's zero position.
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