I already have a line 6 head/ 4x12 cab(please no haters) and i want to get an orange head and a krank 4x12 cab. Now im not quite sure how to do it, but i want to basicly connect all of them any suggestions/tips.
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2 questions. do you play in your bedroom? and why would you wanna do that?two heads two speakers. set them up as your normally would and just get a y splitter cable from radio shack.
It's going to depend, obviously, on what you want to do with them. A simple solution would be to get an A/B/Y switch box and feed that into both stacks so you can play into either/or or both.

A good resource, courtesy zachman5150, that you may want to read over is:

A little higher-level, maybe, than you are looking for, but lots of good information there.