my english isnt that good and im not very poetic....does this mean ill never write good lyrics for songs?
Nah mate, how well you speak English or if you're poetic has nothing to do with it.

English is my first language, and i can barely write any good lyrics! xD

You just need to feel what you're writing, decide what you want to write about, and make it a story, then picture it in your head, picture the characters and plot, and just write how the characters would feel and react to what is happening.

That's what I do anyway, i'm not the best lyricist in the world, but it works for me.

It might not work for you though, i guess everybody has their own little ways of getting things done.

Just see what you can do by feeling every word, and post it on here and I'm sure we can all let you know what we think and help you if you need to improve it, we're not ALL ignorant show-offs on here. xD
There's a ton of bands who don't speak English and still write great lyrics. Not in English of course

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Depends what you mean by poetic. Do you have to freeze an idea or feeling or image so that a listener can see it raised above the normal and day to day context? Yeah, that's what all good art is, including songwriting.

Do you have to be pretentious and think about stereotypically deep things, or have an education in poetry? Certainly not.

Some poetic techniques translate well into songwriting, others don't; and which ones work depends on the context of the style of music, so there's no real absolutes there.

And lots of bands that aren't from natively English-speaking countries, make some pretty good music written in English, so it can certainly be done.