now i made a topic a while ago about something similiar, but then the other day this question dawned on me.

so when i put up a new song yesterday that i had recorded, i listened to it. and well i was wondering how is it possible that i can keep the song in "key" i guess without really knowing what being in "key" is

or maybe its actually not in a "key" and im just ignorant hah. and if thats the case i would like to known right away.

so take a listen to the the first and newest song up (its called "1-Sustinon") if u have the time and please if its even possible to tell me what key its in or if its even IN key....

i might sound stupid, i might not lol but i just gatta know.

heres the link to my profile:

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By luck?

If you're playing by ear and it sounds good, you're definitely in a key....even if it changes throughout the song.

But intentionally writing a song in one key requires theory knowledge.

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It sounds like each part within the song is in it's own key.

Learn some theory. It will help you evolve into a better musician because it sounds like you like to reuse the same musical idea in each song.

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so is it possible to have a song sound good in differennt keys or will it sound all F'ed up?

It's possible to change keys and sound good. I do it all the time.
*reported*... twice in one reply!

OH NOES!!! Theowy is scawY!!!
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If it sounds good it sounds good because it sounds good. It doesn't matter if it's in key or not.
More likely than you think.

Because we all grew up in the western world, we naturally write in diatonics. If a non-musician spent the time to actually write a simple melody, he/she would probably in perfect diatonics.
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