first of all sorry bout the last 2 posts

ok im looking for a new guitar

my price range is about 1200-1800 AU
i mostly play punk and alternative and i dable in metal(fav bands Rise aganst , CHili peppers)
i want a guitar with out a floyd rose and preferably no trem at all
pickups not such a biggy kuz ill probly swap them out for duncans(unless it comes with SDs)
HSH or HH(coiltap) config
set neck or neck thru
o yea and NO schecters ive been down that road before and they are impossible to find in aus

thanks in advance
awesome guitar but i know this sounds stupid but i HATE sunburst guitars unless theyre darker colours
SX Les Paul, jus got oe and they are awesome, kicks the ass of the $1200 epi studio, ad are about $450 Aus, serisouly think about them. Also hagstroms look good, but not sure about thier price range and haven't actually played one.
check out michael kelly guitars, im not sure about the U.S to AUS currency thing but i would guess they're in your price range. most of them are HH with coil taps (not all, just check the specs to varify)
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